Thoughts About My Blog

So I have been skimming through some other blogs on Blogspot, and have come across a variation of other writing, including the teenage drama queen, the loving mother and wife, the poetic guy that makes no sense whatever and religious reaching blog.

Then of course the through crossed my mind: what should my blog actually be about? Should it be funny? Or serious? Should I post my stories on here? Or make an entire new blog for that? 
In the end I just decided oh what the heck. This blog can be whatever I want it to be, right?

I think the reason I’m worrying so much about this, is because I want to show the world who I am from the first time they glance over to their screen and their eyes overflow my blog. I definitely don’t want to sound like the typical whiny girl who thinks her life is absolute and utter crap. However, I don’t want to sound too serious either, and add some of my own flair to it, does that make sense?

Maybe I could start a whole new section on a short story I’ll write? Maybe a chapter every week or so, now that would be awesome. I’d love to hear some opinions, since I’ve lately just been so inspired to another story, darn it, I should really start finishing some of my stories.

Anyway, I should really be off to bed soon – I’ve got an early morning tomorrow and have a lot of work to do, since my exams and shuffling their way nearer to me (oh dear…)

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