Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

Has any of you guys ever seen a movie that you just can’t stop obsessing over? You seem to be watching the trailer over and over again and convincing everyone to come over and watch it with you, and oh my God, you haven’t seen it yet? Shame on you! Yeah, well that’s how I feel about Wreck-It Ralph. And this is why I’m going to be spending the next post squealing about how much I adore this movie. 
Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of the film yet, here is the official movie poster:
Aka. The World’s Best Animations Movie (According to Me)
So this movie starts of with Ralph, a bad guy in the video arcade game Fix It Felix Jr. His job is to wreck things and everyone hates him since he’s the bad guy. He doesn’t like being treated this way, so he goes off trying to win himself a medal, leaving his game behind and trying to prove to everyone that he can also do good deeds. With some effort he does eventually manage to get the Hero’s Medal in Hero’s Duty. , a first person shooter game. However, after a bit of an accident happening after he finds the medal (which mostly involves him wrestling an evil bug and almost blowing himself up) he finds himself flying into the game Sugar Rush, where he meet a little girl called Vanellope, a Glitch and an outcast. And together they become Partners in Crime, basically. So adorable!
Most producers sometimes forget the little details when creating movies, especially animated ones, and just sort of hastily try to create a film as fast as possible, and in the end it just turns out looking badly done. Disney really put a lot of effort into making this one, especially when it came to creating the world of Sugar Rush. (And in case you guys were wondering why I’m specifically writing that in pink, it’s because it’s the fluffiest, cutest, sweetest place I’ve ever seen – and I totally would want to build a house there if I could!) For example, there is an entire mountain and Coca Cola at the bottom, like the lava of a volcano, but be aware of falling Mentos, because one little white round Mentos is gonna make the Coke burst like shaking a can of soda! 
In my taste, this film is the perfect balance to awesome storyline, nostalgia, action and adorableness. 
My absolute favorite character has definitely got to be the cute, little, green, round Sour Bill, the evil King Candy’s assistant. He is so cute!! As in *squeal* cute, I swear! He’s also the reason why I chose this favorite scene from the movie (as posted below). I posted the picture extra large to show his cuteness to the whole world. His name is sour bill because he seems to be grumpy all the time, but that just makes him even more cute! 
And yes, this cute little guys’ limbs aren’t attached to his body – adorable!

Warning: might contain spoilers to people who haven’t watched the movie yet.

If the video isn’t working properly, here is the link to it: 
Ahh, I feel so happy talking about this movie! Just you guys wait until I make a post about Inception! 

I think I’m done squealing for today. Anyway, I really do recommend everyone of every age to watch this movie. In my opinion it’s way underrated and needs more attention, since it’s the kind of movie most people would love to watch together as a family on the couch in the evening. 
xoxo – Lexxy 

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