Teaser To My Book!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to maybe give you a tiiiiiiny glimpse into a scene that I wrote for my book. The reason why I’m posting this scene is because it doesn’t reveal too much of what it’s about.  I’m quite worried someone might plagiarize my ideas, so I’m being extra careful with what I post on here.


The loud splash faded out all the other sounds, sending an icy chill down my spine. Before I could fully grasp what was happening a I stood frozen, students had already started crowding around the Edge, some gasping in horror, some calling for help. Time had stopped all around me, and I could see Emily standing a few feet away from me, a blank expression masking her face, mouthing the words. 
The words that suddenly took control over my body, pulsing adrenaline through my veins. A rush of heat trickled through my insides, beating my muscles awake as I frantically searched my environment for any possible aid. 
The yellow bag only stood a few paces away, on its usual spot, and I knew what I had to do. I fumbled around in it, already breathing quite heavily, and discovering to my dismay that all the capsules were already taken. I angrily threw it on the ground, racing fast towards the Wood, praying helplessly there would be something left in there instead. 
It’s Aimee. Emily’s words still echoed in my mind, leaving a trail goosebumps down my pale arms. Aimee. Aimee. Aimee. Those words never quite sunk into my mind. 

I tore the door of the shed down without caring and breathed in relief as I noticed there still some half empty syringes left. Without thinking, I grabbed the nearest one from its shelf and before I knew it, I stood at the cliffside, where almost half the academy was already joined densely together, watching the scene. 

Panting, I aggressively shoved a group of older girls aside, getting a clean view over the Edge. I was too afraid to look over, to get confirmation to what I dreaded. 
I pulled the syringe out, my hands trembling and small sweat drops condensing across the brim of my forehead.
Aiming for the inside of my left forearm, I let the syringe get a clean shot of my bare skin. With my strength it wasn’t hard to drive the sharp needle forcefully through my flesh, though I still winced in pain, gritting teeth together. Blood in the form of a tiny bubble ran down the side of my arm, leaving behind a dark crimson trail. I pushed the down the piston and felt lightheaded as the drug infected my system, feeling my skin getting moist with sweat, my body temperature rising a couple degrees. 
Some of the students had now started to notice my weird behavior and were pushing their way towards me. I had to move fast. 
“Alexis, no!” Emily’s cry was the last thing I remembered hearing before I dived into the freezing cold blue. 

The pictures I added into the texts are from Google Images, so not exact to the text, however, it’s the best I could find up until now – it’s so hard to find pictures!
Feel free to leave comments on how you found it, and if you would read more of the story, thanks! 

All texts posted on this blog, are copyright material of Leandra Lexxy.  ©

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