My Calling – Reviewing Books

I just had a huge revelation that I have been using my blog wrong this entire time. I never really felt compelled to post very many things In the beginning when the experience was still new I was very excited to write things and talk about certain things, but I never really felt a calling or had a definite idea of what I should write about. 

I have however found my love in reading at a very early age and recently also acquired a taste of reviewing books extensively on Goodreads.

I am hoping to bring you guys some long reviews on some of my favorite books and also current reads. However, these won’t be going up all too fast, since I’ll be rereading books slowly, using a lot of Post-Its to bring you all the juicy details of my thoughts, which I think would be more beneficial than just trying to milk out the thoughts I had reading a book that I hadn’t picked up in the last year or so.

I will be starting with a review of the House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast. A lot of negative reviews have been crawling their way into this series, and I would like to bring a (hopefully mature) and extensive review as to why I really love this series and also hopefully can encourage some people to reach for the first book rather than not doing it since they see all these reviews online. I’ll be starting on this tomorrow most likely and will be continuing on to other series that I love such as Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Divergent, Matched. And so on. 

See you soon! 


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