Mythos Academy #1: Touch of Frost – Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost

Goodreads Link

Author: Jennifer Estep

Length: 350 pages

“My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy; a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody’s head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest. But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I’m determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why; especially since I should have been the one who died…”

★ ★  ★ ½ STARS

I really, really enjoyed this book. In fact, while I was reading it, I mentally clobbered myself over my head multiple times for not having picked it up before now even though it was at the top of my TBR pile. Mental facepalm. 

The reason why this book got a teensie-weensie half of a star taken off its rating by me was because the ending was quite predictable. But even with that, I still incredibly loved reading it. But then again, I am a sucker for books about Greek mythology and schools for magical teenagers and a lot of drama. 

Gwen was instantly likeable from the beginning, and her powers intriguing. I loved the idea of her gift and wished she would have been able to use them more over the span of the story.

Spoilers ahead

I absolutely loved the growing friendship between Daphne and Gwen and hope to see more of that develop in the following books. As a contrast to that, I personally didn’t really see the chemistry that apparently Gwen felt between her and Logan. I mean, I suppose he is quite attractive and was quite sweet to her at times, but how could Gwen – who, let’s face it, absolutely loathed the guy at the beginning of the book – come to like him, without anything significant happening between the two of them?

Either way, I’m excited to see what’s going to develop between them in the coming books. I’m interested to see his background story, and whether what Gwen believes about him is really true or not. 

Also, did anyone else get serious Dimitri and Rose alla Vampire Academy vibes off the fact that Logan will train Gwen? If that doesn’t lead to any steamy sexual tension, so help me God.

On to the second book! 

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