The Moment I Actually Began Writing My Book

So pretty recently I made a slightly life altering decision. (Okay so maybe it was more like a 5-month altering decision but still). 

I am currently studying math at a college here in Germany, or at least I was until I decided to change my major. I had been doing psychology as a minor now for a couple weeks and found myself really loving it. I always looked forward to going to the psychology lectures and dreaded the math ones and hated every second between Monday morning and Friday evening. In fact, ever since I started going to college I realized there had never been a time when I looked forward going to a math lecture at all, even the very first ones (bad bad sign). 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love science and math, it’s just that liking a subject and actually studying it as a major can be wildly different. Wildly, wildly different. 

To put it shortly: I decided to drop out of math and change my major to psychology completely. To say that people were surprised would be an overstatement. Most people had seen it coming, they said which shocked me more than anything (how the hell can someone see you changing your major before you do?!) 

The only problem is that I can’t transfer immediately since they limit the number of students and I will have to reapply in about two weeks and then the courses only begin in the middle of October. As of now, that gives me five whole months of nothing to do (and that’s not even counting these last two weeks). 

Now I know a lot of you readers are probably not Christians, but myself being one I have to say that this truly felt like a God-given time to write my book. I do have to admit that at the beginning I panicked a little bit. After all, this was only my biggest dream since I was a young child. What if I screwed up? What if I screwed up majorly? Well, I can finally say that (almost) my entire story and plot has been neatly planned out from beginning till end and that I’m already a good 2,000 words into the story. EEEEK. 

So as of right now I am trying to get a minimum of 500-700 words written down a day. Anyway, being a former mathematician and all I calculated that if I really do manage to write a minimum of 700 words a day starting today then by the end of my five months I’ll have about 420 pages of my book done (and I think that might even be going a little over what I imagined I’d have). (For all of you interested people that’s (30*5*700)/250)

I am majorly excited to see how these next five months will turn out. I think I might get a job or work placement sometime in between but up until now writing and planing has been taking up a lot of my time and I’d rather just focus on that 100%. Also, I recently registered to NetGalley and have been basking myself in the delight of getting free Kindle copies of awesome books. 

Anyway I’ll (hopefully) write an update blog soon to keep everyone up to status.

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